Rune Månsson

Rune Månsson - CG generalist

CG supervision, lighting, lookdev and rendering og horseshoes and bees. Houdini, Mantra.

Worked on shading, lighting and rendering of fluid sim. Houdini, Mantra.

Rendering and Lighting of full CG shots with highways and car. Maya, Vray.

VFX Sup on set, 3D Lead, Lighting, Lookdev and Particle FX. Houdini, Mantra.

Lighting and rendering of ketchup on invisible food. Maya, Arnold.

VFX and CG Supervision, Lighting and Rendering. Maya, Arnold.

3D Lead, Grooming, Lighting and Rendering of CG mussle replacement. Houdini, Mantra.

VFX Sup on set, 3D lead, Rendering and lookdev of fur. Maya, Arnold.

Lookdev on Ernie the Elephant that was featured in 12 commercials. Maya, Vray.

Worked on lighting, rendering and lookdev on spacehelmet visor. Maya, Arnold.

Worked on lookdev and rendering of flowers. Houdini, Mantra.

Lighting and rendering and stitching of way too many HDRI's. Houdini, Mantra.

Lighting, Rendering and random animation of balloons with python script. Maya, Arnold.