Rune Månsson

Rune Månsson - CG generalist

SF Motors

CG Supervisor, lighting and rendering. Maya, Arnold.

VeChain Launch Film

CG Supervisor, procedural city generation RnD, lookdev, lighting and rendering. Houdini, Arnold

Honda Tower of Success

CG Supervisor, lighting, lookdev and rendering. Maya, Arnold.

Audi Test Drive

CG supervisor, on set VFX Sup, lighting, lookdev and rendering. Houdini, Mantra.

Dr Pepper Crave Rider

Lookdev, lighting and rendering. Houdini, Mantra

Disney Halloween Special

CG Supervisor, on set VFX Sup, RnD, lookdev, lighting, rendering. Houdini, Arnold.

HP Nobot

CG Supervision, on set VFX Sup, lighting and rendering. Maya, Arnold.

Nissan Moving Highways

Rendering and Lighting of full CG shots with highways and car. Maya, Vray.

Heineken Trailblazers

Lighting, rendering and lookdev on spacehelmet visor. Maya, Arnold.

K9 Advantix II

3D Lead, Grooming, lighting and rendering of CG mussle replacement. Houdini, Mantra.

Pistachios Ernie

Lookdev on Ernie the Elephant. Was featured in 12 commercials. Maya, Vray.

John Lewis Christmas Special

Lighting, rendering. Houdini, Mantra.

Perrier Hot Air Balloons

Lighting, Rendering and random animation of balloons with python script. Maya, Arnold.

King Games


Lookdev, lighting and rendering of flowers. Houdini, Mantra.

OBAO for men

VFX Sup on set, 3D lead, rendering and lookdev of fur. Maya, Arnold.

Bimbo Molido

VFX Sup on set, 3D Lead, Lighting, Lookdev and Particle FX. Houdini, Mantra.

Heinz Invisible Food

Lighting and rendering of ketchup on invisible food. Maya, Arnold.